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Seasonal camps include summer camp, and spring break camps, and much more! Send us an email to sign-up!

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Seasonal Camps at Tiger Kicks

Summer Camp

During the summer, Tiger Kicks has a summer camp Monday-Friday from 9am to 4:30pm (with extended after-hour care available if needed). Tiger Kicks taekwondo summer camp is centered around learning the skills and techniques of taekwondo. Kids take class everyday with Master Kim during which they learn of mind and body focus, in additon to gaining confidence, leadership skills, and much more!

Kids also have fun during summer camp by going on field trips to indoor and outdoor playgrounds, and playing awesome games and activities throughout the day.

Other Camps

In addition to summer camp, Tiger Kicks offers short-term camps held throughout the year during times when students may have an extended break from school. For example, shorter term "camps" may be held over a week long spring break or other school days off on holidays such as President's day.

During Tiger Kicks camps, kids will:

- Gain FOCUS of the body & mind
- Develop CONFIDENCE & long-lasting LEADERSHIP skills
- Learn TAEKWONDO techniques while taking class everyday
- Learn to READ and WRITE basic Korean words and phrases
- Go on FIELD TRIPS to indoor & outdoor playgrounds
- Have FUN in a SAFE & FRIENDLY environment

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Tiger Kicks Taekwondo Studio in Exton